Singapore Good Design Awards – CN

1 July 2021

Our East Coast Park rejuvenation for National Parks Board won the 2021 Singapore Good Design Award (Architecture).

The new urban design guide for the 185-hectare park consolidates the experience, promoting health and social activities, all while paying homage to its history and the community’s memories of the place.

Aerial view of the 185-hectare East Coast Park

As part of the rejuvenation aligned to this new urban design, three new park nodes were also created – Coastal PlayGrove, Cyclist Park, and Raintree Cove. Designed to create meaningful relationships between the physical space and users by connecting people with nature and activating spaces for people’s enjoyment, everything — from signages, landscaping to sustainability of the park’s buildings — has been improved.

Coastal PlayGrove

Cyclist Park

Raintree Cove

Find out more about the project here.