RSP’s Syarafina Kamsani Captures Light in New Forms with the Leica Q3

“Ephemeral Echoes: Poetic trails of light into patterns” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

Bringing together two iconic brands, RSP orchestrates a visual symphony with Leica camera to present a three-part architecture photography series. Three young architects from RSP, each equipped with a Leica camera that best suited their photography style went out and about to capture a set of photos to narrate their individual stories and experiences, marrying architecture and photography. 

In this second part of the series, we speak to Syarafina Kamsani, about her experience with the Leica Q3 and her take on capturing the theme of Stillness and Motion through the camera lenses. 

If you find Syarafina familiar looking, she was recently featured on the front page of Straits Time Life, sharing her favourite green urban space in Singapore, outside of work.

 Syarafina Kamsani, Executive Architect, RSP.

Syarafina Kamsani, Executive Architect, RSP

Syarafina Kamsani is a design enthusiast with a profound commitment to thoughtfully designed spaces that aspire to enrich people’s lives. Her design philosophy revolves around making a difference through purposeful design and engaging conversations that seek solutions, ultimately creating little big changes in our everyday lives.

Driven by the desire to challenge the boundaries between better life systems and purposeful design, Syarafina finds motivation in the prospect of sparking positive change. Described as “purposeful, engaging, and impactful,” she embodies these qualities in her approach to both design and life.

“Urban Contrast: Colours of the street emerging from the shadows” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

Could you share your journey and experience in photography?

My journey has been a blend of documenting my creative process and capturing moments that have inspired me. It is a visual diary that reflects my design process and personal experiences.

“Urban Spotlight: Shedding light on the human scale” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

What ignited your passion for photography and prompted you to begin experimenting with a camera?

As an Architecture student, I picked up a camera to help document and record shapes and forms that inspire me. 

By capturing shots that inspire me, I was able to realise and fine tune my aesthetic and my personal style. Storytelling and capturing the essence of a thing, place, or moment are the things that ignite my passion for photography.

“Light Formation: Where light transforms into shapes” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

Share your experience with the Leica Q3 camera and how it fits your photography style?

Leica Q3 camera seamlessly integrates with my photography style and aesthetics, especially capturing the contrast between light and dark. 

I was pleasantly surprised with its ability to accentuate the blacks, creating a striking monochromatic palette which adds depth and drama to my photos. Q3’s performance has truly heightened my appreciation for the ephemeral beauty found in contrasts.

“Human Echoes: Capturing motion in architectural stillness” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

Share your photography concept and inspirations for this set of photos you took with the Leica Q3.

When we think of Architectural photos, we think of static forms but in this series, I wanted to capture the intangible and human side of architecture. 

That is exemplified by motions through the fluidity of light and the transient movement of people within the static structure, blurring the lines between stillness and motion.

“Everyone Commutes: Humans merging into the urban landscape” by Syarafina Kamsani with the Leica Q3.

How do you feel when you see the results of your photography?

I was surprised that I was able to create such dramatic photos. 

It has inspired me to relook at the way I see architectural photos and convey them in a series of stills where the human moments are suspended in time and the essence of motion breathes new life into the still architectural spaces.

In what ways has your involvement in architecture shaped the subjects and style of your photographic work?

Architecture to me has always been more than just form but its relationship between the spaces, humans and activities that it houses. 

As much as we try to design a building to our ideal way, photographs will always reveal the true aftermath-seeing how people use the building in the end. These are the things that I try to capture through my photography.

The Leica Q3

Photo credits: Leica.

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