RSP Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Singrow

13 October 2022

RSP Architects Planners and Engineers (RSP), Singapore and China offices, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singrow Pte Ltd (Singrow) on 12 October 2022, Wednesday.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Beh Swee Chiew, Managing Director of RSP Singapore, Ms. Shi Lu, Managing Director of RSP China, and Dr. Bao Shengjie, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist of Singrow.

This collaboration opens new doors for Urban Farming within commercial spaces in Singapore and China and encourages restaurants to adopt a farm-to-table approach, reducing their overseas produce imports. Singrow and RSP will jointly develop benchmark projects to showcase how new agriculture solutions can benefit building design as well as new retail businesses.

In addition to enabling farms, Singrow also believes strongly in the role of businesses and consumers in building a more resilient food future. Taking Singapore’s ‘30 by 30’ plan as an example, ensuring consumers can identify and have access to local produce is part of its roll-out.

Mr. Beh Swee Chiew said, “Collaborating with Singrow is a natural decision for RSP as sustainability is a key factor in our design principle, and we are always looking to incorporate green elements in our projects. Through this partnership with Singrow, RSP is able to further our capabilities in sustainability and contribute towards Singapore’s food security efforts of ‘30 by 30’.”

Ms. Shi Lu shares, “The introduction and installation of Singrow’s vertical farms within buildings will provide occupants and visitors a unique and holistic first-hand experience with nature within an urban setting. In line with China’s urban renewal, rural revitalisation projects and carbon reduction objectives, the farm-to-table practice has the potential to reach a boarder market and bring about wide social effects.”

Dr. Bao Shengjie added, “We believe that consumers and businesses also play a key role in building a more resilient food future. Our partnerships with like-minded, forward-thinking companies such as RSP, is an exciting milestone for us in ensuring more consumers and businesses have access to our sustainable produce in new and innovative ways.”

From left to right – Mr Suen Wee Kwok (Executive Director, RSP Singapore), Dr Bao Shengjie (Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist of Singrow), Ms Shi Li (Managing Director, RSP China), Mr Beh Swee Chiew (Managing Director, RSP Singapore), Ms Law Yoke Foong (Executive Director, RSP Singapore) were present for the signing.

About the Urban Farming & Architecture

Singrow is a Singapore-headquartered precision agriculture company that develops patented agricultural technology to help its partner farms grow climate-agnostic crops that are superior in flavour, better in quality and more sustainable. Through its consumer concept brand, Blooom, Singrow also provides consumers with direct access to its proprietary crop varieties grown using its patented technology. Since its establishment in 2019, Singrow has raised US$1.6 million in seed funding from investors including AgFunder, Easternwind, Enterprise Singapore (Seeds Capital), NUS Technology Holdings, Pasudeco & Co and Ritz Venture Capital. Singrow is currently present in China, Indonesia and Singapore.

RSP plays an active role in innovating and implementing new sustainable strategies into their building designs, complementing Singapore’s efforts to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. For this MoU, RSP will assemble a design team with key personnel to deliver work at high standards and service quality.

Singrow focuses their efforts on developing technologies that would help overcome ongoing challenges, such as global supply barriers, to meet the demand of the world’s most discerning consumers.

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