RSP Global Teams Partake in Internal AI Competition

RSP’s internal AI Judging Competition with external expert panel of judges.

RSP’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) endeavours first begun with the unveiling of our innovation arm, ‘RSP META’ back in 2022, marking our foray into the metaverse. Since then, we’ve launched Singapore’s first AI Concierge in a collaboration with SingPost, to help consumer front businesses such as SingPost with their manpower issues and high volume of customer queries. 

In April, RSP’s first award win for 2024 also marks our first award submission that utilises AI tools. Late last year, we launched a global internal competition aimed at motivating our professionals across Singapore, Dubai, China and Vietnam to master AI software like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. 

We entered three shortlisted projects into a design build competition, titled, Pavilion of Transformation. RSP is proud to share that we emerged as the victor, taking 1st place, 3rd place and honorable mention for all three entries. We are also humbled to receive media coverage from local Chinese media, Lianhe Zaobao, on the award wins and our forage into AI in our architectural works.

"As we step into a future where AI and design intertwine, I'm immensely proud to see how our competition has become a beacon for embracing this new frontier in architecture."

“Pavilion”, the competition main theme, seeks structures with transformative elements within public spaces that shape our urban environments, create memorable experiences, and foster a sense of community. This competition seeks innovative projects that use design to rejuvenate the pedestrian experience, instilling a new sense of belonging and placemaking. 

Explore our gallery of entries and be amazed by the unique design concepts crafted by our exceptional talents within RSP.

1st Place: Transparent Oyster – RSP China

“Transparent Oyster” by RSP China.

Prompt: A pavilion made of translucent fabric in the shape of an oyster, located in Goerz Park, Chicago. People walking around and looking at it. Architectural photography in the style of an oyster shell pavilion in Goerz Park, Chicago.

Surrey is abundant in seafood, with oysters being one of them. The design draws inspiration from the natural form and structure of oysters, translating it into an architectural form to create a cityscape rich in regional characteristics.

Metal support systems and ETFE membranes are used as the main materials for the pavilion. The translucent membrane creates a soft and mysterious interplay of light and shadow, creating an approachable and lightweight form. In addition to providing shelter, it is also hoped that users can lean against it, thereby generating a richer physical interaction between the pavilion and its users.

Project team: Gan Lu, Meng Liang and Zhao Ting Ting.

3rd Place: Pavilion of Fragments – RSP SG

Pavilion of Fragments by RSP Singapore

Prompt: A lightweight paper play structure pavilion made of fragmented shapes, a thin translucent material with triangular frames holding it together, people interacting with the flexible structure, Kengo Kuma, draw inspiration from the surrounding architecture. the site is located at surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

An exquisite paper play structure in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, inspired by the architectural style of Kengo Kuma. The pavilion comprises fragments of lightweight, translucent material forming triangular frames that are delicately held together, reflecting contemporary design of the surrounding architecture. Visitors can enjoy interacting with the flexible structure, which has an airy design that encourages exploration and creativity. Against the backdrop of Surrey’s landscape, this temporary pavilion blends innovation and natural beauty harmoniously, showcasing the fusion of art and environment in this dynamic urban space.

Project team: Britney Go, Abhilash Mohan, Audrey Li, William Lee, Ow Yeong Jun Jie, Sophia Tan, Syazwan Menzies and Low Khai Jer.

Honorable Mention: A Green Spine Pavilion – RSP SG

A Green Spine Pavilion by RSP Singapore

Prompt: 35ft by 15ft fun communal children friendly pavilion, inspired by TeamLab, colourful perforated weaving layers, tensile net hammocks as an art installation, with climbing greenery and natural lighting, octane render, in urban Surrey Canada Central station and Carpark, cinematic lighting, sunrise, omit the curtain wall, bushy landscape, architectural pavers, children playing tag, carpark background at Surry Canada Central

The Pavilion, acting as the first seedlings of a larger green spine, is strategically positioned to sprout both north and southwards linking to the existing parks. With greenification on the west side by the University, the Pavilion presents an opportunity to hug the Civic Plaza from the east. The pavilion serves as a catalyst for change with a network of transformative structures around existing trees right across the Civic Plaza. These structures not only serve as aesthetically pleasing elements but also as functional hubs for community interaction and engagement with nature.

Project team: Laney Low, Samantha Wong, Catherine Chen, Sharyl Ng, Ashley Yong and Chin Qin You.

AI is set to revolutionize architectural design, becoming an indispensable tool for architects and designers. Its capacity to process vast amounts of data and generate innovative solutions enables more efficient design processes. As AI technology advances, RSP will boldly embark on pioneering new AI initiatives.