RSP Collaborates with SingPost to Launch Singapore’s First AI Concierge

Second from L: Maun Fai (SingPost) and Ivan Lau (Pantheon)

Fifth from L: Neo Su Yin (SingPost), Mark Ong (RSP), Deeps De Silva (Samadhi Ventures) and Shyam Sunder Adhi (RSP).

Last week, RSP officially launched Singapore’s very first AI concierge with SingPost, Singapore’s largest postal service provider. Located in the East of Singapore at Tampines MRT POP station, customers will be greeted with a GenAI service assistant, named “Peggie”, on a large vertical screen where she can answer FAQs, general questions and assist customers to purchase and print stamps for parcels.

"This initiative marks our commitment as a company to continue to innovate in the built environment and effectively use technology to improve the human experience for our clients. Within RSP, I hope that our global offices will be open to explore the potentials of AI as technology that can enhance our work in the practice."

The POP station is the first ‘POPStop’ e-commerce pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) point for SingPost. The collaboration with SingPost came into fruition to develop an AI solution that would help consumer front businesses such as SingPost with their manpower issues and high volume of customer queries.

Furthering our commitment to push AI initiatives internally, RSP has been organising AI workshops to train our staff on how to use tools such as MidJourney and Stable Diffusion.