World Architecture Day 2022

“Architecture for Well-Being”
10 March 2022

World Architecture Day (WAD) is held annually on the first Monday of October to honour amazing architectural works in the past and present, as well as the brilliant minds who design them. In 2022, WAD is held on Monday, 3 October 2022 with the theme: “Architecture for Well-Being”.

Image credits to International Union of Architects

Previous World Architecture Day Themes

Clean Environment for a Healthy World

2021’s theme addresses housing, public spaces and global environmental issues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toward a Better Urban Future

2020’s theme aims to show how urban design and architecture can make our communities strong, safe, equitable, and affordable.

Architecture – Housing for All

2019’s theme explores how architects can contribute to solutions ensuring universal access to safe housing.

Architecture… for a Better World

2018’s theme envisions Architecture to help our planet face two of its gravest problems – environmental degradation and ever greater human needs. 

Climate Change Action!

2017’s theme revolves around a global issue which all architects should rally without hesitation, since they have a fundamental role to play.

History of World Architecture Day

Back in 1985, International Union of Architects (UIA), created WAD. According to UIA, WAD is normally celebrated on the first Monday of October to coincide with United Nation’s World Habitat Day. The organisation also chooses a different theme each year to draw the attention of professionals as well as the public to issues revolving around cities and habitat.

Architecture for Well-Being

This year’s theme is centred around promoting health in buildings and cities. In recent years, global health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic sparked the organisation’s commitment to encourage the building industry to promote health in buildings and cities. Last year’s WAD had a similar sentiment, with the official theme being, “Clean Environment for a Healthy World”.

East Coast Park Rejuvenation

RSP had the opportunity to redevelop and revive an important site filled with fond memories for many local parkgoers. Completed recently in February 2021, Singapore’s East Coast Park Rejuvenation project perfectly encapsulates this year’s WAD theme, “Architecture for Well-Being”.

This rejuvenation project sought to consolidate and enhance the recreational experience for parkgoers across three nodes: Coastal Playgrove, Raintree Cove and Cyclist Park. Some of the efforts that were put in to ensure that the new features catered to every need, included researching the site’s history and engaging with local communities who utilise the Park’s facilities frequently.

  • Cyclist Park: Together with local cycling groups, the site was envisaged as a cyclist-centric hub with amenities, programmes and design nuances refined by beginners and enthusiasts alike.
  • Raintree Cove: Existing buildings were removed to open vistas and lawns were redesigned with leisure seating. A large, sheltered pavilion sits in the middle, offering the larger neighbourhood a home for community events and activities.
  • Coastal Playgrove: A space imagined for families and young adults, the site features design elements such as a rainbow hued vertical playground, large water playscape and a spiral ramp for various activities.

There were two structures at the Park that were affectionately remembered by many, which is a family friendly colourful waterpark called Big Splash and the Costa Sands Chalet, where many used to remember booking for parties or social gatherings. The decrease in visitors at these iconic locations over the years, meant that any form of social activities across these areas gradually became stagnant. The East Coast Park Rejuvenation project managed to recapture attention to the Park once again, increasing human traffic and most importantly, encouraging social and healthy activities for all.

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We would like to wish a happy World Architects Day to all
our passionate, driven and creative Architects in the world!