Unveiling the New RSP Brand with Singapore’s Minister for National Development, Desmond Lee

At RSP, we’ve always believed in the power of design to make a difference in people’s lives. We are taking this commitment to a whole new level with an official brand refresh, building on our foundation to chart our growth.

On 5 October 2023, Mr. Desmond Lee, Singapore’s Minister for National Development, graced the official brand unveiling event as Guest-of-Honour, joined by around 200 of RSP’s clients and partners at the new RSP Singapore office.

“RSP is making its mark, not just in Singapore, but also on the world stage. Since your first project with China in 1993, you have now completed over 500 projects across 40 cities in China. In the Middle East, RSP’s Nakheel Mall and Palm Tower are now iconic landmarks in the heart of Dubai. 

I hope you will build on your extensive experience and best practices from other global cities and implement these new learnings to projects in Singapore.” Shared Minister Desmond Lee. 

He was joined on stage by Kiat Lim, Chairman, RSP and Beh Swee Chiew, CEO, RSP Singapore to launch the new brand.

Read the full speech by Minister Desmond Lee on the Ministry of National Development website.

Speech by Kiat Lim, Chairman, RSP
Unveiling of the New RSP Brand and Official Opening of RSP’s New Office
5 October 2023

Ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished Minister for National Development, Mr. Desmond Lee,
Honoured guests, clients and partners of RSP and SM,
Esteemed colleagues,

Good afternoon,

I am deeply honoured and privileged to address this distinguished gathering of individuals who have played pivotal roles in the success and growth of RSP.

Today is a special occasion for RSP, as we unveil our refreshed RSP brand and officially open our new Singapore office.

New RSP brand and narrative

As you stepped into our office, you can see we have updated our logo and applied a fresh new brand colour – Sky Blue.

This refreshed look for RSP reflects the renewed direction we have as a forward-looking company, committed to going beyond the expected to design spaces that deeply consider the people, communities and environment that inhabit them.

With a modernised look, this refresh resonates with RSP’s commitment to creating a future where design shapes humanity, as we put forth purposeful design that leverages our extensive multi-disciplinary experience to build a better world.

A strong foundation

RSP’s strong foundation will guide our future and this brand refresh is building on the core of our strong industry reputation, building alongside Singapore, together with many of you.

RSP is proud to have contributed to Singapore’s nation-building and the Built Environment (BE) sector, having been involved in many iconic projects like Jewel Changi Airport, The Pinnacle @ Duxton, Funan, ITE College Central, Bird Paradise and over half of Tuas Biomedical Park.

Drawing from the Singapore Story, our 67 years of experience across 2,500 international projects and 17 design hubs continuously guide us into our future as we constantly evolve alongside the changes of tomorrow to make purposeful impact on the built environment.

New business initiatives

Globally, the built environment is radically shifting. To meet changing consumer needs that are increasingly more environmentally conscious, community-minded and extending from the physical to virtual realms, architectural design is no longer just about building spaces, but designing for sustainability, experiences and in the digital world.

RSP is rolling out a series of business initiatives and our newly appointed CEO, Beh Swee Chiew, an RSP stalwart of over three decades, will be leading these, together with Ng Meng Hui and Seah Chee Kien, to support Beh in our business transformation.

Sustainability and environmentally aware designs

A key focus would be on sustainability.

Last year, we launched our sustainability studio, RSP.SM Energy Group, led by Suen Wee Kwok, to strengthen efforts in reducing Singapore’s carbon footprint and energy consumption by improving old buildings and carrying out Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEI).

Globally, more than 80 countries have set net zero targets, including the United States, EU and China. Singapore would raise our climate target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, despite being a city-state with limited alternative sources of energy. This can be overcome in part by environmentally aware designs and we are poised to champion this.

RSP demonstrates sustainable design through our projects like the SIT University Campus Court, where we employ passive displacement ventilation (PDV) for air conditioning large spaces like lecture theaters (LT) and multipurpose halls (MPH); and mixed-mode ventilation for the canteen. With these designs, we can significantly cut AC energy usage by 60 – 70%, lowering utility bills.

Older buildings globally and in Singapore face challenges in this regard. With our expertise, we can contribute meaningfully to sustainable design for the community.

Designing for humanity

We put people, community and environment at the heart of every design endeavour. RSP recently designed and launched Reunion, the first purpose-built social space for seniors in a local museum in Singapore.

Singapore has one of the fastest-ageing populations in the world and an increasing incidence of persons diagnosed with dementia. This collaboration between the National Museum of Singapore and Lien Foundation supports the growing needs of this community, in line with Singapore’s 2023 Action Plan for Successful Ageing.

Design Innovations, RSP Lifestyle

RSP is also constantly pushing the boundaries of design, tackling complex problems through innovation, finding new materials and methodologies that foster better spaces.

We introduced a glass fibre material to Singapore’s built environment through a textile-like, sustainable, external façade for the H&M Orchard Flagship Store, a first in Singapore and Asia.

To capitalise on the market opportunity for design innovations, we have set up RSP Lifestyle, led by Law Yoke Foong. Our inaugural project, The Sun Bar, was a successful collaboration with Cosentino, a global leader of sustainable surfaces. Next, we will be working with LVMH, on two of their Louis Vuitton boutiques in Kuala Lumpur, at Tun Razak Exchange and Pavilion.

The Future

As a forward-thinking, future-ready company, we translate our expertise of designing physical spaces into newer dimensions such as the metaverse and AI.

We are merging our traditional experience in architecture with digital skills that allow our design expertise to transcend physical spaces. Last year we launched RSP META, RSP’s first venture into the Metaverse. RSP is also on the steering committee of the National Arts Council’s Project Arts Metaverse, an industry-led co-creation effort focused on creating pilots for novel arts experiences in the Metaverse.

Our work also extends to AI, where we leverage our knowledge of spaces to enhance the end-user experience. An example would be the use of virtual assistant as physical concierge, which you can experience yourself today.


We wouldn’t have gotten here without the talented individuals working at RSP and we are investing in this area, through our RSP Academy initiative as well as the establishment of an RSP Global Design Council.

RSP Academy is a global initiative by our Singapore and China offices to showcase design excellence through the academic lens. It seeks to increase visibility of good projects amongst the public by partnering educational institutions globally to conduct forums and tours on design thinking, with Sonny leading our educational engagement.

When we approach design, every building has a story behind it. We look at the local culture, how people work inside it and use architecture to bring it alive. We then marry it with global expertise. Design is a differentiator globally and as such, we are launching an RSP Global Design Council, comprising top designers across our 17 design hubs.

We have beefed up our hiring of talented, young designers locally and globally who will play a pivotal role in our growth plan. Our vision is to create a diverse and dynamic network of emerging talents, transcending borders and cultures, to infuse fresh perspectives into our design philosophy.

Michael Magill, our Managing Director in Dubai, will be chairing this council, together with Seah Chee Kien, our Senior Managing Director in Singapore.

To date, RSP designers have already secured projects such as the Nobu Hotel and Branded Residences in Abu Dhabi, a first in the region, and the Armani Hotel & Branded Residences in Saudi Arabia.

RSP Global

Globally, RSP has been extending our footprints across Asia, in key growth markets like China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and the Middle East.

In China, Shi Lu and her team are championing sustainability and sustainable designs with our Nature+ concept, emphasising on biophilic designs that focuses on how humans interact with nature. Celebrating our twentieth anniversary this year, we have completed over 500 projects across 40 cities and regions in China and set our focus on transit-oriented development and urban regeneration for the China Market. This year, we are honoured to be the first Singapore Architects to obtain China’s Grade A  Architectural Design Qualification.

Additionally, Chen Hong and our Master Planning team have actively participated in international competitions and secured victory in highly competitive projects in China, including Zhuhai Central Station and Wenzhou Eastern New City projects, reinforcing our position as industry leaders.

In the past three years, RSP Dubai studio has significantly expanded its architecture and master plan design team. Notable projects include the Nakheel Mall and Palm Tower, now iconic landmarks in Dubai, and the Hindu Mandir Complex in Abu Dhabi, the region’s first Hindu Temple Complex. Recognising the market’s growth, RSP is establishing a new studio in Saudi Arabia to meet the rising demand.

Clients and Partners

We could not have achieved all this without the trust and support we received from many of you.

As our valued clients and partners, we want you to be the first to experience the refreshed RSP brand, where design meets humanity.

Thank you.