Taj Mahal-inspired workspace of art and tech

30 June 2021

This new Microsoft India Development Centre seamlessly merged the company’s guiding principle of tech-driven infrastructure with the local cultural influence.

Located in Noida, India, this new Microsoft India Development Centre is different from any other offices. The Microsoft India team wanted to ensure that this first engineering hub in Noida can truly represent Microsoft Design Language infused with local culture and inheritance. There born the idea of drawing reference from one of the seven wonders of the word, the Taj Mahal.

“The Taj Mahal is one of the most distinctive buildings on the planet. The challenge was: how does one possibly interpret the Taj Mahal and go one step further and apply it to an office? We took the elements and were informed by the richness of the architecture of this amazing monument,” says Arunjot Singh Bhalla, Managing Director of RSP’s India Studio.

The design drew heavy reference from Taj Mahal’s aesthetic material including white marble sourced from Jaipur, along with inlay work with semi-precious stones, as well as its architectural features of domes, minarets, arched entrances and jaali work.

The archways and marble cladding in the office area create a sublime effect, while lattice perforations of the jaali screens provides the space with more texture and depth. To pay tribute to the country’s rich craftmanship, the marble inlays, vaulted doorways, arches, and marble domes are created by the local stonemasons and carpenters.

With sustainability being one of Microsoft and RSP key commitments, the facility has implemented various energy and water conservation practices to reduce its carbon footprint, and the material such as the marble were sourced locally. The base building has also attained the LEED platinum award.

The new Microsoft IDC changed the conventional view of what a tech office looks like, inspiring the next generation of employees to reimagine what they can do.

Photos: Suryan/Dang