RSP Ventures Into Indonesia with First Project, Marktlane, Set for 2024 Completion

In Q2 2024, a new mixed-use development will be officially erected at the south of Sentul, Indonesia, marking a huge milestone for RSP as it is the firm’s first built project in Indonesia. Named “Marktlane”, the development is an upcoming lifestyle destination nestled within a golf course valley, Sentul Highland Golf Club, and set against a backdrop of the site’s scenic mountains. 
The development’s design draws inspiration from the romantic ambiance of an Italian hillside village, where the architectural elements gracefully intertwine with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and humble union with nature. Embracing the natural topography of the mountains, the terraced architecture transforms into a vibrant communal hub—a dynamic space pulsating with markets, restaurants, and events, where people come together to engage and connect.

"Marktlane is a significant milestone in our firm's nearly seven-decade history, with a local presence in 17 cities across seven countries. Indonesia's strong and stable economic growth, particularly in the real estate market is projected to reach USD 85.97 billion by 2029. This project marks a key thrust for us to establish a robust foothold in this dynamic market. We are excited about the opportunity to grow together with Indonesia and contribute to our ongoing legacy of impactful global presence."

(Third from left) Ghulam Madian, Senior Architect and Business Development, RSP
On March 17, 2023, Ghulam Madian, Senior Architect and Business Development representative of RSP, participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for Marktlane joined by the representatives of the developers of Marktlane, PT Pandu Artha Gemilang. Today, the site is in active construction and is scheduled to be completed within a year from the commencement ceremony. 

"Beyond being a testament to local architectural excellence, the completion of this project amplifies our influence in Indonesia's burgeoning market. By seamlessly integrating our design prowess with the unique needs of the community, we not only contribute to the enrichment of the local architectural landscape but also fortify our portfolio in Indonesia. This triumph sets the stage for future RSP endeavors in the region, aligning seamlessly with our overarching mission to design with a profound understanding of and impact on humanity."

Beyond architecture, the Marktlane project is a part of the greater Sentul master plan designed by RSP. The overall master plan seeks to craft a premium residential estate consisting three different clusters. Aside from the site’s picturesque surrounding and premium location, the Sentul master plan is connected to Jakarta and Bogor via the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR), Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR), and Light Rail Transit (LRT), enhancing connectivity for residents and visitors.
Project team: Michael Magill (Lead), Ralf Steinhauer (Lead), Adnan Ihsan, Anggara Rhabenta, Ghulam Madian, Luca Pirovano, Saagarika Dias, Ratna Delia Octaviana (Master Planning), Erica Paraiso (Master Planning), Shyam Sunder Adhi (Master Planning).