RSP Officially Announce First Metaverse Venture with “RSP META”

RSP is the first large architecture firm to register with The Sandbox as builder partner
19 November 2022

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd (RSP) is proud to announce RSP META, the firm’s first venture into the Metaverse on popular decentralized Metaverse, Decentraland.

RSP META is a collaboration between RSP’s global studio offices. This Metaverse project was initiated to push the architectural practice beyond the bounds of the physical world and to explore new avenues for good design within the Metaverse. The advent of Metaverse worlds presented RSP unlimited grounds for testing and development of ideas. RSP META consists of a multi-disciplinary team with game developers, master planners, experience-designers and architects, allowing for full-stack development in a fast-evolving Web3 digital landscape.

Signing of Sandbox Partnership and Future Plans in Decentraland

RSP is also thrilled to announce that as of September 2022, RSP META has become the first large architecture practice in the world to register with The Sandbox as an officially recognised builder partner under the Creators for Hire program.

This partnership allows RSP META to create Non-fungible Token (NFT) and original content that can be bought and implemented by the users of Sandbox. RSP META has also been invited to join Decentraland’s Metaverse 2022 Virtual Reality Shopping (VRS) district, a marketplace for recognised creators to display their works. The firm has deployed a virtual office within Decentraland VRS district to meet and greet clients who are looking to develop their plots into exciting experiences. 

Decentraland Gallery

RSP META’s project in the Decentraland Metaverse features a floating NFT art gallery nexus with an infinity helix platform cycling through the viewing path. Its façade features a breathing skin that emulates a shifting spine, imitating movements one would find in nature. Visitors can get the opportunity to discover, teleport, run and jump in RSP META without limitations. The environment features tessellated social grounds known as ‘voxel plaza’ which acts as a place for play and interaction. There are also hidden routes within the nexus such as a VIP room that can only be accessed via a secret entrance, rewarding curious explorers of RSP META.

The idea behind the unconventional “living skin” façade was to push the boundaries of spatial design. Unlike mapping out a physical building, the creation of RSP META does not involve much physical constraints, such as considerations for fire or safety hazards. Thus, the endless possibilities that the space offers to developers and architects allows them to approach the metaverse with flexibility, much like a game designer.

In Collaboration with Octava and ARC

The launch of RSP META would not be possible without the firm’s collaboration with Octava and ARC. Octava initially bought land in several Metaverses including Decentraland and Sandbox. The company approached RSP with a plan to create an NFT gallery that changes the way users engage with art and their creative discovery for the Metaverse. Gene Yan, Octava’s Digital Assets Director commented, “Working with RSP was a smooth and easy process. They amplified our initial ideas and delivered quality work that surpassed our expectations. Most firms operating in the Metaverse space have either real world architectural or Web3 skillsets. We chose RSP because they have a blend of both new and old skillsets.”

ARC on the other hand, seeks to create a diverse community with like-minded individuals, which began their partnership with RSP. Elroy Cheo, Co-founder of ARC, said “We’ve already built an app to house our community, but we also have physical locations that we’ve started building with RSP. However, these physical locations should also be accompanied with a virtual example of that space. Even though we don’t have this in our roadmap yet, we are really excited to work with RSP to develop this so we can supplement our community goals.”


Committed to the expansion and opportunities within the Metaverse, RSP aims to experiment with conventional partners explore how it can help them better engage and reach out to their communities.

Fronting the Metaverse project is Mark Ong, RSP’s Vice President of Strategic Development, and he shared, “We hope that by playing a part in this growing industry that architects can contribute by transforming our expertise into digital outcomes. I imagine a world where visiting multiple places in both the physical and virtual can be done from a bedroom, or a world where the best education can reach neighbourhoods without a campus”.

He added, “Our ambition is to further our experimentation in the space to be ready for the future and to assist conventional partners to explore how the space can help them better engage and reach out to their current communities. We often dream of the good that the space will bring with education, knowledge and community being offered to those that may lack these key facets of living in the modern world. The unlimited potential for people of different countries, beliefs and cultures coming together for an exchange is where we see the future of the space growing soon.”

View RSP META in Decentraland here.

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