RSP Master Planning Wins First Place in the Scheme Design for Xiangshan Station of Nanzhong Intercity Railway

In a collaborative effort with the Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co. Ltd., RSP’s design team secured first-place for the “Nanzhong Inter-city Xiangshan Station ‘One Lake, One Station’ Urban Design and Huancui Lake Park Area Architectural Concept Design Competition” on November 30th 2023.

"This triumph not only showcases our design prowess but also reflects our dedication to shaping urban spaces with a human touch. By seamlessly blending intercity railway and urban transit elements, our design envisions Xiangshan Station as a vibrant international hub, harmonizing youthful vitality, and fostering innovation."

The competition was jointly organized by the Zhongshan Natural Resources Bureau, Zhongshan Cuiheng New District Management Committee, Zhongshan Urban Rail Transit Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Hongda Engineering Consultant Group Co., Ltd.

RSP went against 51 competing design organizations globally, spanning various countries and regions such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Australia, and more. Following the pre-qualification process, only four shortlisted participating entities (including joint ventures) officially entered the competition.

Among the four competing proposals, the project team’s design philosophy is rooted in innovation, meticulously considering Xiangshan Station’s pivotal role within the Greater Bay Area’s national strategy. We seamlessly integrated the intercity railway and urban transit elements, envisioning Xiangshan Station as an international hub for youthful vitality and fashion. Moreover, it serves as a hub for research, innovation, talent pooling, and entrepreneurial endeavors within the Greater Bay Area.

This victory reaffirms our dedication to setting high standards and establishing a world-class TOD benchmark for the Xiangshan Station area. It underscores our commitment to infusing Singapore’s exemplary TOD planning concepts and extensive development experiences into China’s high-quality construction and development processes. By shaping interconnected, efficient urban hub spaces, we aim to drive a new chapter in China’s urbanization development.

Project team: Chen Hong (lead), Shao Yong (lead), Yang Yang, Sishang Yang, Chen Fang, Rui Xian Peng, Xiao Yang, Tingyu Zhang and Shiqin Chen.