RSP China Celebrates 20th Anniversary and 2024 Shanghai (International) Flower Show


Beh Swee Chiew, CEO of RSP, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of flower show.

China, 18 April 2024 – The 2024 Shanghai (International) Flower Show (hereinafter called the “Flower Show”) was officially inaugurated at Shanghai Westbund, Xuhui riverside. RSP made an appearance at the event, joined hands with leaders from Shanghai government and members of Singapore Green Building Council, with whom RSP collaborates on the design and construction of Singapore exhibition zone at the flower show. RSP also invited representatives from the National Parks Board of Singapore and the Gardens by the Bay to gather in “The Future of Urban Ecology” Shanghai-Singapore Ecological Forum to share Singapore’s mature experience of “City in Nature” and discuss the future of urban ecology, together with representatives from Shanghai governments, institutions, and associations.

Leaders from China and Shanghai government inaugurated the flower show. Beh Swee Chiew, CEO of RSP, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony as a Singapore representative, while Shi Lu, Managing Director of RSP China, accepted the “Outstanding (Special) Contribution Award” on behalf of RSP, marking a significant milestone of RSP to obtain authoritative recognition for continuously designing for humanity over the past 20 years in China. At the Shanghai-Singapore Ecological Forum which was held in the afternoon, Chua Teng Hoe, Consul-General of the Republic of Singapore in Shanghai, was invited by RSP to deliver the opening speech, while Suen Wee Kwok, Executive Director of RSP, presented a keynote speech of “The Rejuvenation of Singapore East Coast Park”. Shi Lu hosted the forum as the Vice President of Singapore Green Building Council and engaged in an in-depth dialogue on topics including the cooperation for the future of urban ecology.

(Seventh from right) Shi Lu, Managing Director of RSP China, accepted the “Outstanding (Special) Contribution Award” on behalf of RSP

Shi Lu said, “When RSP entered the China market 20 years ago, we brought the ecological culture of Singapore’s Garden City roots to the local community. 20 years later, we have also continued to insist on green and low-carbon, ecological and energy conservation, created countless green spaces that are both ecologically friendly and efficient for people to use. We are honored to play a key role as a witness and a contributor in deepening the cooperation between Shanghai and Singapore. Through the channel of Flower Show and the Shanghai-Singapore Ecological Forum, as well as the high-level dialogue platform of the Singapore-Shanghai Comprehensive Cooperation Council, we will share with various sectors of the Chinese community the outcomes of RSP’s ‘Ecology+’ concept in China. In the future, RSP will continue to put people, community and environment at the heart of every design endeavor, and will contribute to expanding the breadth and depth of Shanghai-Singapore cooperation. RSP will also support China’s “dual-carbon” strategic goals, provide insights and strategies for a harmonious coexistence between the Chinese people and nature, and consistently deliver the concept of design for humanity to local customers and partners, aim to achieve shared growth, coexistence, and win-win outcomes!”

Singapore, a city transitioning from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden” and further towards a “City in Nature”, has emerged as a global leader in urban ecological landscape development. As the global multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design group, with over 65 years experience, building alongside Singapore, RSP has witnessed and participated in Singapore’s urban refreshment process, accumulated a wealth of professional expertise and successful experience. These include the Jewel Changi Airport Project, the Singapore Clarke Quay Renewal Project, the Zero-carbon Asia’s largest wooden building – the Nanyang Technological University GAIA Building and other renowned flagship projects. Within 20 years of experience in the China market, RSP has introduced the Singaporean urban planning concepts of humanity-centric design as the basic philosophy, focused on building a symbiotic link between the ecological environment and human living space. Currently, RSP focuses on urban renewal, cultural, sports and tourism planning, and TOD (Transit Oriented Development) in the China market, and has delivered multiple milestone projects in China that have won prestigious awards and recognition.

Looking ahead, with the support of ONERSP, foreign registered architects from RSP international team will closely collaborate with Chinese registered architects. By blending global design perspectives with deep local insights, RSP will continuously tackle complex problems through innovation, finding new materials and methodologies that foster better spaces, and translate our expertise of designing physical spaces into newer dimensions such as the metaverse and AI. This collaboration aims to bring about space to be more intelligent, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, and more personalized. RSP will continue to meet the core business needs of Chinese customers, bring one-stop solutions with excellent integrated design capabilities, continue to facilitate fine urban management and the Chinese urban development concept of “The cities are built by the people and serve for the people”, and RSP will spare all efforts to deliver the concept of design for humanity to our Chinese customers, the industry, and even the whole society.


Read the Chinese press release here.