Liu Chang Hong

Director China

Liu Chang Hong is driven by an architect’s influence on and responsibility for designing meaningful and beautiful spaces for the people. As an architect, his goal goes beyond designing the physical realm to create conducive spaces that will facilitate and promote purposeful social interactions. He also holds that close collaboration and frequent knowledge exchange among all stakeholders are key to the success of every design.

Leading the Research Team in the China Studio, Chang Hong spearheads the design-oriented researches, conducting detailed analysis on a range of case studies to develop new solutions for our clients. He has 20 years of experience in mixed-use, retail, office, education and urban design.

With his in-depth knowledge and experience, Chang Hong was also invited to speak at the 2019 Sustainable Built Environment Conference (SBE19) in Shenzhen on Ecosystem Service and Resilient City. His sharing at the conference contributed to the paper on “Human Ecology Theory and Its Application in Urban Design” that was published in the conference proceedings “A Paradigm Shift from Green Buildings to Sustainable Cities” by the SBE19 Shenzhen Scientific Committee.

Chang Hong holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Tianjin University in China and Masters of Urban Design from Delft University of Technology in Netherlands.