Beh Swee Chiew

CEO Singapore

Beh Swee Chiew is the CEO of RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd (RSP), the group’s corporate headquarter in Singapore. An RSP stalwart for over 30 years, Beh has played a pivotal role in steering the company’s growth, both domestically in Singapore and on the global stage in key markets like Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

As the CEO, Beh assumes the mantle of responsibility for shaping the group’s strategic vision and fostering holistic growth strategies. His forward-thinking leadership has been instrumental in spearheading innovative initiatives such as the RSP.SM Energy group, RSP Lifestyle, and RSP META. These ventures are designed to meet changing consumer needs that are increasingly more environmentally conscious, community-minded and extending from the physical to virtual realms, where design meets humanity.  

In his capacity as CEO, Beh has oversight across all corporate functions, including Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Information Technology, as well as Marketing and Communications. His astute stewardship ensures seamless integration and optimal functioning of these critical components within the organisation. 

Beh’s distinguished career includes the successful management of numerous projects across an array of sectors, encompassing hospitality, residential, commercial offices, retail, educational institutions, infrastructure, and industrial facilities. Notably, he has been instrumental in successfully delivering projects since the early days of Singapore’s industrialisation journey, under the initiatives of the Economic Development Board, aimed at developing strategic industrial clusters. His leadership has been vital in helping multinational corporations from Europe and the United States like REC and Halliburton to establish their greenfield operations in Singapore, contributing significantly to the growth of these industries within the country. 

In recognition of his tireless contributions to the industry, Beh was honoured with the title of “Who’s Who in Engineering Singapore 2020” by the Institution of Engineers Singapore. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Civil) and a senior member of the Institution of Engineers Singapore. Tapping on his wealth of experience with the China market, Beh is also appointed as a council member of the Singapore-Zhejiang Economic and Trade Council, as well as the Singapore-Shandong Business Council by the Singapore government.  

Beh holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore. An advocate for knowledge-sharing and nurturing the next generation of professionals in the Built Environment sector. Beh is dedicated to sharing his wealth of experience and insights with young professionals and students.