Empowering Communities: RSP Architects’ Lend Expertise to Build Homes for the Underprivileged with EPIC Homes

RSP is proud to be a sponsor and one of the participating architecture firms in Singapore for non-profit, Epic (Extraordinary People Impacting Communities) Homes back in April this year. This long-term initiative was initiated to create a positive impact on humanity through building homes for Malaysia’s Orang Asli community.

Our architects, Laney Low, Bak Jianxun, Sharyl Ng, Samantha Wong and Loy Lijun embarked on a trip to Malaysia to participate in another one of Epic Homes camp and build activity where they had the opportunity to learn some skills and provide a home for the underprivileged.


 The Big Epic Camp is held in Selangor, Malaysia, where our architects were trained in Epic Homes’ 200th home build. The 6-day camp in September and October taught our young leaders teamwork, communication, character management and community engagement as effective leaders. A basic builder (BB) workshop on using power tools was also held, before their build project began.


Laney, Jianxun, Sharyl, Samantha and Lijun went to Kampung Orang Asli Songkok village where the beneficiary family’s home is located. The newlywed couple who had been married since 2022 stayed in their Father’s home. The existing house was provided via government aid and is shared between 8 people with no private spaces. The new house, sponsored by Nestle, was built for the newlyweds with children.

A 4-Module Home Isometric and Plan

Epic Home’s build experience allowed the team to feel the weight and texture of materials, the impact of site location, the influence of weather and the importance of site safety. The build also highlighted diverse construction methods for different components (structure, wall, floor and roof), the sequence of construction and how to adapt to site constraints.

A look at the before and after of the beneficiary family's home

"In the heart of the community and in alignment with RSP's message house, 'where design meets humanity,' our team collaborated closely with local residents and Epic Homes. Through this experience, we not only honed our craft but also gained profound insights into the transformative power of construction in uplifting a community. As we embarked on this journey, we each wholeheartedly embraced our roles as 'Builders,' working hand-in-hand to make a less fortunate family's dream of a secure and dignified home a beautiful reality."