Examining the Future of Retail

3 August 2022

Over the past decade, we witnessed the rise of e-commerce and a paradigm shift in the offline retail experience. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may have led to a slowdown in economic activity but triggered a further turning point in digital transformation and a surge in e-commerce.

With this observation, where do we go from here? How can we, as designers and creators, leverage this knowledge to help us better design for the future?

Our Singapore and China studios jointly organised the 867th edition of the Van Sound Club Professional Salon on 22 February 2022. Held in the Singapore office and live-streamed via Zoom, the theme of the salon centred on commercial and retail ecosphere innovation.

In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, the event was virtually opened by Yang Zexuan, founder of the Van Sound Club, with an introduction to the networking group for real estate professionals.

Invited speakers include Alice Tan, Head of Consultancy at Knight Frank, giving an overview of regional consumer trends and retail trends in Singapore; Zhou Zhou, co-founder of China’s Chuangwubang Capital and Maker Zhisheng Fund, with an outlook on retail content innovation and value realisation; Tan Jian Yong, founder and CEO of Happy Fish, discussed insights on new retail tenancy concepts; and Prof Tai Lee Siang, Head of Pillar for Architecture and Sustainable Design, and Xavier, a final-year student at Singapore University of Technology and Design with a perspective on hybrid spaces in the future of retail. Representing RSP, Lee Cheng Wee and Mark Ong, Design Director and Vice President for Strategic Development respectively, shared about new design approaches in retail.

The hybrid event was co-hosted by Beh Swee Chiew, Managing Director for RSP Singapore, and Shi Lu, Managing Director for RSP China, and attended by industry professionals in Singapore and China.


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