Evonik is a modern industrial hub with innovative building design and functional A&A enhancements.

Site Area6,692.840 m2
LocationJurong Island, Singapore

Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, Interiors, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Owner(s)Evonik Methionine SEA Pte Ltd

Evonik: Transforming Industrial Spaces in Jurong Island

Nestled in Singapore’s industrial heart, Evonik redefines workplaces with innovative designs.

Modern Aesthetics, Evonik's Unique Industrial Building

Evonik’s architecture breaks norms with modular windows and acoustic timber panels, creating a captivating, functional space.

Natural Light Magic: Evonik's Skylight Innovation

Evonik’s sky-lit entrance hall harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a pleasant work environment.


2018BCA Green Mark AwardGold