Designing a Luxurious Masterplan of The Haven development in Dubai

In collaboration with Aldar Properties, RSP has played a pivotal role as the master planners and design guardians in the creation of a distinguished luxury residential development, marking a departure from the urban landscape to embrace a serene and health-conscious living experience.

The Haven development was launched this month with construction scheduled to begin by Q2 2024. The project is set to achieve LEED Gold and Fit-Well 3 Star certifications, making it a pioneer in sustainable community development within the UAE.

Located in Dubai, consisting of upscale villas and townhouses, is a testament to our master plan team’s thoughtful design and professional collaboration with a talented pool of experts from the Client side and varying disciplines involved, inviting residents and visitors to explore a meticulously crafted environment where nature and well-being are the main focus. Infused with the vitality of a green oasis, the overall design vision incorporates flowing lines and loops that meander through the masterplan, guiding individuals through meditative spaces, community parks, and lush landscapes.

The oasis park nodes, conceived with a blend of artistry and functionality, offer an immersive journey, unveiling hidden gems within the oasis. From intimate gathering spaces to expansive communal areas, pools, picnic spots, and wellness pavilions, the Haven caters to a diverse array of experiences, ensuring inclusivity for the entire community.

As the design guardians behind the development, our team has carefully curated a master plan that goes beyond aesthetic appeal, providing a canvas to integrate interactive urban installations and lifestyle pavilions. This approach reflects our commitment to providing a holistic and engaging environment for residents across all age groups and lifestyles.