Ratna Delia Octaviana

Senior Associate

With a dynamic career spanning over 17 years, Ratna embarked on her professional urban planning journey in 2011 by joining RSP Master Planning team following her graduation from National University of Singapore (NUS).

Ratna’s extensive portfolio showcases her prowess in steering large-scale projects across diverse international landscapes, including MENA, China, Russia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Her collaborative approach has garnered recognition for her involvement in strategically significant ventures such as the acclaimed Yuzhong Eco Innovative City and Indonesia’s Rempang Island Special Economic Zone Master Plan.

Transitioning seamlessly from architecture to master planning, Ratna discovered her true passion in the latter. Guided by the belief that design shapes culture, culture influences values, and values determine the future, she sees master planning as a multifaceted process that integrates various disciplines.

Ratna, a Singapore Certified Planner at the Singapore Institute of Planner, holds the distinction of being a Registered Architect in Indonesia. Actively contributing to the industry, she is holding a position as SIP Council Member 2024-2026  and was recognized as BCA Young Leader in 2021. Her dedication to professional excellence and innovative urban planning continues to shape environments that transcend mere physicality, reflecting a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between space and its occupants.

Away from the drafting board, Ratna finds solace in her love for travel and photography.