Pauline Khoo

Senior Interior Designer

Pauline is a Senior Interior Designer who graduated with a First Class Honours in Interior Design from The Glasgow School of Art in 2016.  With over a decade of experience, she has helped to shape spaces that combine functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Pauline’s design philosophy is rooted in the integration of human perception principles and sensory experiences, aiming to create spaces that evoke memories and stimulate curiosity. She believes the key to achieve client satisfaction, is ensuring their vision and needs are incorporated and met; and when faced with challenges such as budget constraints, or unforeseen obstacles, one should remain adaptable, creative, and resourceful in exploring alternative design solutions

Nature and travel serve as primary inspirations for Pauline, influencing her sense of materiality, texture, and color tonality. Her designs aims to capture the client’s narratives such as her involvement in projects like the Reunion Social Space space for seniors.

As a Gold Medalist at Keppel Corp Ltd and top graduate of her cohort with Highest Academic Achievement Award in Interior Design Studio, Pauline has also participated in designing for Changi Airport Terminal 1 and i12 Katong AEI and is able to create fresh and tailored interior design ideas.

Pauline channels her creativity through various art and craft forms such as painting, knitting, and DIY projects. She maintains her physical and mental well-being through regular Pilates classes and running, recognizing the importance of staying fit and focused in the demanding field of design.