Madeni Jais

Senior Associate

During the pursuit of his diploma at Singapore Polytechnic, Madeni Jais developed a strong affinity and interest in architecture, which catapulted him to finish his academic training at the University of Western Australia.

Since joining RSP, Mad has grown to believe keenly that his practice of architecture is the iterative art of balancing aesthetics and functionality until an outcome arises that not only marries the two but also speaks to the greater context and programme. This sees Mad constantly framing and reframing his designs to mine the best potentiality in space- and form-making for every project he touches.

This persistent drive to develop the best out of any project under his ambit, coupled with his natural disposition to work well alongside others have not only exposed Mad to a wide range of projects, but also seen many of his work get built, including mixed-development projects such as, Cairnhill Nine & Ascott Orchard, Masjid Al-Falah, the industrial administrative building of Evonik ME6, a Good Glass Bungalow on Fifth Avenue, competition winning mosque Masjid Maarof, temporary structure Archifest Pavilion 2013, The More We Get Together exhibition on Singapore’s playgrounds, and SIA Design Award-winning East Coast Park Rejuvenation.

Mad’s architectural and aesthetic insights have also driven him to be an avid contributor of social media centred on architectural photography, where his work is often picked up by media influencers, corporations, and the likes. When time permits, he allows his passion in this arena to flourish by taking up commercial photography engagements for both private and corporate clients.