Khoo Teik Rong

Associate Director

Trained at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania, and having practised in both Singapore and Beijing, Khoo Teik Rong’s background in architecture has been exposed to different worlds of thought and practice. Through it all, Teik Rong has come to understand that his design lies at the intersection of rigorous craft, creative value-proposition, and honest collaboration.

His world view has served him well, as Teik Rong has successfully led the design efforts of many innovative projects across an extremely wide-ranging spectrum of projects and countries such as Singapore’s *SCAPE, Westgate, and Charlton Residences, China’s Chongqing MyPlace Mall, Jinan Dareway Software Campus, Hangzhou Transit-Oriented Development, Peng Huoth Group’s Diamond Mall, and EcoMall as well as Clubhouse in Cambodia.

Teik Rong manages to continually deliver interesting and compelling work as he is motivated by a self-fuelling optimism that things can always be designed better. This in turn, spurs the intensity, curiosity, and perseverance he employs in all his projects and inspires his teammates to grow and translate their vision from thoughts to reality.

Outside of work, Teik Rong spends his time with family and friends over music, art, and being outdoors either running or playing basketball.