Amanda Lim


Amanda is an young architect with a dynamic approach to design who obtained her 3 when she obtained her Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Manchester School of Architecture in the UK in 2023.

With a passion for sustainability and designing memorable experiences for the environment and humanity, Amanda brings a unique perspective to her projects. She believes in collaborative approach, valuing regular team discussions and task prioritization to execute projects smoothly. Challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth and she will active seeking input from colleagues to arrive at optimal solutions.

Known for her motivation, organization, and creativity, Amanda is currently working on projects such as the Tong Ah Eatery Revamp and road network at Jurong Lake District.

Motivated by her desire to continuously learn and excel in her field, Amanda is aiming to register as an architect at the Board of Architects Singapore in the foreseeable future.

Outside of architecture, graphic design and digital illustrations are some of her hobbies. These creative pursuits not only provide her with an outlet for self-expression but also contribute to her innovative approach to architectural design.