Marvel at Beijing’s newest Commercial Complex: HOPS★ON Beijing

Spanning over 300,000m2 with over 800 shops, step into the newly built commercial office complex project HOPS★ON Beijing located within the Changping district. Featuring a stunning sky dome resembling a blooming lotus that lights up Beijing’s night sky, HOPS★ON Beijing is designed to become a new gathering place for cultural and entertainment trends in the northern part of Beijing.

RSP China were the key interior designers for the project that officially opened to public in April this year. Inspired by the “canyon” spatial layout of the complex, the building incorporates natural elements to create a lively and vibrant shopping environment. The four thematic sections – Culture, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Sports – are presented as distinctive mini-malls with geometric design elements and varied colour schemes to maintain uniformity while creating unique shopping experience for visitors to explore and enjoy.

“RSP's nearly two decade long entry into China’s commercial development has enabled our design team to amass extensive experience and expertise. By integrating trend culture at its core, our commercial complexes have become catalysts for urban vitality, attracting leading consumer groups. Our design team possesses a deep understanding of the latest trends, translating this insight into a design language that seamlessly aligns conceptual expectations with real-world scenarios"

Village Center

Upon entering the ‘Underground Secret Realm,’ the mall’s dynamic layout mimics a circular race track, centering around the pivotal central island. This island serves not only as the heart of the mall but also as the epicenter of the latest trends and gatherings.

Venture up to the mezzanine and rooftop of the Village Center to discover the Village SkyGarden. This expansive space, crowned by a magnificent sky dome, transforms into a vibrant venue for performances, shows, and themed events, offering a unique and immersive experience for all visitors.

The commercial complex features a dual-ring circulation that encircles the core island building. With inner and outer rings measuring 350 meters and 600 meters respectively, navigating through the space is both smooth and intuitive. From the central island, visitors can easily access all four MINIMALLs, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

Distinctive Mini-Mall Experience

The first stop of the indoor journey begins with “Art Park” – Culture: an Art Paradise accented with deep blue metal mesh and floor tiles. Within the atrium, the “Art Tree”, adorned with blue mesh and illuminated membranes, branches out towards the ceiling, blending with the art installations and creative IPs to create a rich artistic atmosphere.

“Gathered Oasis” – Lifestyle

With green as the primary hue, this space uses lush greenery to create an indoor “oasis.” It crafts a hotspot perfect for memorable photos and fosters a vibrant area for close interactions with nature. This oasis not only stands out visually but also serves as a highly functional display zone, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of an immersive environment while they shop.

“Attractive Wave” – Entertainment

Utilizing a variety of materials and layered combinations to showcase the rolling and layered beauty of hills, the contours of the hills are skillfully integrated into the atrium inner façade. In this meticulously crafted entertainment mini-mall, the different textures and shades of red intertwine to offer a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

“Energy Field” – Sports

For sports enthusiasts, this mini-mall, bathed in vivid orange, brings together numerous renowned sports brands and a variety of exciting activities. 

In this lively dynamic environment, one can immerse themselves in the thrill and joy of physical activity. Whether it’s challenging personal limits, seeking extreme experiences, or simply enjoying the relaxation and pleasure that sports provide, everyone can engage in the bustling events and experiences here.

At HOPS★ON, each hue has been curated and designed to convey a unique story for visitors to unveil. The opening of HOPS*ON marks our design team’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence to go beyond crafting a one-stop shopping paradise but also a visual feast for the eyes and soul.